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School Site Council

What is the Nathan Hale School Site Council? 

Many decisions affecting the education of BPS students are made in schools. School-based decision-making is the responsibility of the School Site Council. For example, School Site Councils hire teachers (in some cases), approve school rules, and decide if students will wear uniforms. The School Site Council also may request waivers from some BPS policies. Parents are important members of these councils.


Who is on the School Site Council? 

The School Site Council is comprised of parent representatives, teachers, the principal, and associate members. High school councils also have two student members. The number of parents must equal the number of professional educators (including the principal/headmaster). Parent representatives on the School Site Council are elected at the annual School Parent Council (SPC) election meeting.


How do I get involved?

School Site Council meetings are public meetings and follow open meeting law. They are open to all, although only council members are allowed to vote. Find information about the meetings on the Nathan Hale School Calendar!

Latest Updates from the School Site Council

Click here to access the official site council meeting minutes.

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